The Story

Kalayci London: Narrate Your Own Style Story

Just one look and a Kalayci London piece tells its own, unique narrative. Combining empowering designs with sophisticated elegance, Kalayci London has always stayed true to its distinctive, signature aesthetic. Each piece is seasonless, timeless and, above all, created to be worn on your own terms.

Step into the World of Kalayci and narrate your own style story…

The Brand

Kalayci London is a contemporary womenswear brand bringing accessible luxury to women across the globe. Founded in 2015 by powerhouse Kalayci sister duo, Arzu and Ayfer, the London-based label has always been known for its fierce, unique designs with a roster of celebrity clients and stylists. But, like so many fashion brands globally, Kalayci London was hit by the Covid pandemic in 2020 and took a hiatus to regroup and emerge stronger.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kalayci London made their relaunch in 2023 to rekindle their journey with a revitalised spirit and fierce determination to take the brand to new heights. In Arzu and Ayfer’s own words: “We’re embracing the past, but crafting the future of Kalayci London. Behind the curtains of the glamour, there has been hard work and sacrifice, resilience in the face of adversity, but most of all, love. This is more than a brand; this is our story.”

Symbolic of their journey together, the inspiration behind the Kalayci London logo is two sisters, interlocked, like a pillar of strength for one another. The style-led siblings are still involved in every aspect of the brand, from design concepts to creative direction.

The Founders

The real story behind Kalayci London are sisters and co-founders, Arzu and Ayfer. With heart and soul behind every single design, their love of fashion - and each other - set the brand far apart from mainstream brands. As a duo, they have an inherent passion for creating unique clothing for the Kalayci woman. It’s an instinct that stems right back to their childhood with their parents both carving out successful careers in the fashion industry from very humble beginnings. Immigrating from Turkey, Arzu and Ayfer’s parents started working in clothing factories in the UK and, after years of hard work and multi-tasking on the factory floor, eventually went on to set up their own successful production line for high street giants.

The clothing factory became integral surroundings in Arzu and Ayfer’s early years and the sisters felt both magnetised and inspired by the clothing creation journey. “Our mum was a machinist and our dad was everything from a pattern cutter, steamer and quality controller,” Arzu says. “Once our parents opened their own factory, we spent most of our ‘social’ time there as a family. We lived and breathed the process – and fell in love with it. The rolls of fabric and rails of clothes became like our playground. We tried on coats that were way too big for us and talked about creating our own fashion line one day.”

“We grew up in that factory in North London – amongst the scent of the fabric and sound of the machines,” Ayfer says. “Despite fashion being in our blood and both being natural creatives, I followed an academic path and became a lawyer. But my sister Arzu always stood her ground and rightly felt determined our vision was together, in fashion. And so our Kalayci London journey began.”

The Design

Right from the start, Kalayci London’s goal has always been to empower women to express themselves with bold, innovative and cutting-edge designs that stand apart from the mass market.

The Kalayci London woman makes statement dressing look effortless. She is fearless with her wardrobe choices, using her own unique style as a form of bold self-expression. With clothing designed to instil a feeling of empowerment, Kalayci London’s mood is always strong and uncompromising. From signature structured boning to quilted satins, the concept of a fierce, determined female is behind every design detail.

Designed in our London studio, each Kalayci London garment has been meticulously executed using intricate craftsmanship and technical construction. Choosing to follow the beat of our own design drum and overlook catwalk trends, every piece is unique and exclusive to Kalayci London. The label’s contemporary designs are inspired by timeless sophistication rather than transient trends. Despite its accessible price tags, there has always been zero compromise on the luxury fabrics and design features that makes Kalayci London so instantly recognisable.

Each innovative collection is designed to inspire with a new signature detail punctuating every collection.

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