Y2K - The Comeback

Embracing the past but crafting the future, collection Y2K has a poignancy that sets it apart from previous Kalayci collections. Following a challenging post-pandemic hiatus, Y2K is a continuation of Kalayci London’s design signatures but there are statements of evolution and details that nod to resilience. In a standout collection that the Kalayci sisters describe as ‘complex and intricate and elegant’, Y2K is a celebration of finding strength in adversity.

The Inspiration

Building on the contemporary brand’s empowering aesthetic, Y2K collection takes its inspiration from noughties fashion and adds its own twist of Kalayci elegance. Co-founders, Arzu and Ayfer Kalayci, were inspired by the mid 90s to early 2000s style era that feels so radically distinctive yet relevant today. It was a world before the internet ruled, supermodels reigned on the catwalks, and Rachel Green became iconic serving coffee in Friends – one of the muses for the collection. Pieces are soft yet structured with a mood that feels timeless.

The Signatures

Kalayci contrasts Y2K-inspired silhouettes like structured corsetry with elaborate ribbon lace-ups and delicate sheer lace panels. Structured boning and quilted satins have been used as a Kalayci brand signature from the beginning, but Y2K elevates quilted satin styles like Kristen, Carla and Yasmeen using structured custom-made fabric that’s been elaborately stitched to flatter the body. The gold detailing that’s become synonymous with Kalayci features in the form of signature gold zip closures and polished gold buckles on Irina, Claudia and Gisele.

Intricate lace-ups are a statement detailing weaved throughout the Y2K collection in complex combinations. Think luxurious ribbon hand-weaved through gold buckles or layered intricately onto delicate lace panels. Pieces that appear minimalist are subtly maximalist in detail up close. Take the flattering Heidi midi dress that features structured stretch crepe contrasted with custom-stitch velvet panelling.

Celebrating the female form, signature body contouring pieces include meticulous craftsmanship on structured crepe, luxury velvet and custom-made satin. Delicate lace panels are cleverly positioned against contoured silhouettes for a chic reveal and conceal effect – on the hemline on Naomi, at the waistline on Cindy, and across shoulders on Elle. Corsetry is artfully moulded with bra cups and boning to create the perfect support and sculpt the body.

The Collection

Narrate your own style story with Kalayci’s comeback Y2K collection. Like all previous Kalayci London collections, each piece in Y2K is designed to be as unique and individual as the woman wearing it. Y2K may be the It era that provides the style and muse inspiration, but this is a collection for the future; one that isn’t bound by transient trends or seasons. Y2K is created to be worn on your own terms. Add to wardrobe and continue the Kalayci London journey with this new, bold statement of evolution.

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